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5 Share Friday 28 June 2019

Quote I’m pondering “Every one of you is a super genius if you just focus your common sense.” –  Eliyahu Goldratt

What I’m reading – Staying with Eli Goldratt, I’ve started reading The Goal again, a book an old friend I used to work with recommended to me years ago. Its overall theme is continuous development and Eli was the person who introduced the Theory of Constraints.  It’s a fantastic book I recommend and interestingly it’s written like a novel, so not your usual business book. A great summary can be found at

Planting seeds of Happiness – My wife watched a TED talk from Malene Rydahl recently and thought I’d like it too, it’s terrific. We’ve been in Denmark for a year now and our children are blossoming more than we imagined. Malene easily explains the 3 human values behind this happiness. They are Trust, Freedom to be you & Finding purpose. I highly recommend watching her 16 minute TED talk, it’s entertaining and mind blowing. If you make the choices suggested, it could change your life and those around you significantly.

Most interesting internet read – According to Microsoft studied what was making employees miserable in its Surface and Xbox teams. It found 1 thing that it now coaches all managers on. That thing is the number of people attending a meeting. This wasn’t my experience while at Xbox in the UK, yet it’s still great advice for anyone who manages teams.

Favourite purchase – My family and I live in a wonderful place near a forest. It’s peaceful and only 30 minutes from the centre of Copenhagen by tain. The only downside so far, is that while the sun rises at 3:30am the birds begin to sing and I mean really sing! It’s a wonderful sound, hearing the early bird chorus, yet between the hours of 3:30am and 6am it’s also disturbing and keeps me awake. So when the birds start, I roll over and put in Macks earplugs, they’re amazing. If you’re looking for an earplug solution where you can’t feel them while sleeping (even on your side), then try Macks (I use the pillow soft ones).


I hope you have a fantastic weekend doing the things you enjoy with the people you love.

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