5 share Friday – 24 Nov 2017

4 more Fridays till Christmas! That means 4 more 5 Shares like the one below, you lucky people!

1. Quote I’ve been pondering this week “The future is here today, it’s just unevenly distributed”Andreas M. Antonopoulos.

2. It’s Black Friday! Marking the official beginning of the Christmas season (well, for shops at least). An American phenomenon until recent years, it’s now spread across much of the world. In the UK, Asda (owned by Walmart) no longer takes part due to the many fights and riots that happened a few years ago (click the link and watch on Youtube). A great history and description of the real Black Friday can be found here.

3. I’m reading The year of living Danishly,  a wonderful book that brings a smile with every page read. I’m travelling to Copenhagen a fair bit nowadays. This book is giving me great insight into Danish society (it’s a society and culture I’m falling in love with).

4. I’ve been looking for a reliable calendar app since starting my new role. As I use Readdle’s Spark for email (oh yes, it’s the best!) I thought I’d try their calendars5. It’s near perfection, I’ve had it for a month now and for those who have iOS devices wanting a reliable calendar with great UI this is the one. It’s on sale for Black Friday as luck would have it.

5. My 4 year old and I have been play fighting with our lightsabers. I hurt my back during one of the most epic battles ever. Since I’m working at home for a couple of days a week I needed a solution to help me. So while I do the research for a permanent setup, I created a stand up desk with the help of my sons lego building IKEA table. Who says stand up desks are expensive!

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  1. I’m interested in hearing more about the reliable calendar app. While I hated many thing on WP, the calendar rocked. Now that I’m working off Android, I’ve tried a lot of different ones, and everything misses “something”. GotoMeeting integration for example.

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