Now that goat is shaved

“Now that goat is shaved!” said one of my colleagues as he glanced towards me, looking over his monitor. “Er what?!” I replied. I was exclaiming happiness at the chance a conversation might begin, more than I was about trying to understand what shaving a goat meant. Culture shock When I moved from the UK […]

Episode 2 – The enjoyable commute

“The key is in not spending time, but in investing it.” – Dr Stephen R. Covey “I love my one hour commute!” Said nobody ever. That is until podcasts came along, where the choice for free entertainment and learning suddenly became a reality & commuting became more productive than ever. I remember a few years […]

No vacationing please, we’re British

“What are you doing for the summer” several colleagues ask me throughout the month of June. “I’m working” I reply “what are you up to?” “I’m heading to the summer house for 3 weeks” comes the most common reply. Along with that kind of pity expression you get at times. You know the one, like […]