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Quote I’m pondering “Wherever you go, no matter what the weather, always bring your own sunshine.” Anthony J. D’Angelo

Facebook’s role on Brexit – If you vote for anything, in any country where  Facebook is used this is a must watch 15 minutes. It’s an unmissable video showing us how our decisions are now influenced by criminal activity, that we don’t even realise is criminal. If all voters, whether in America or the UK watch and learn from this, there’s a chance  our future will include true democracy again.

People vs devicesThis article really visualises what using your phone is like in other peoples company. I heard a Jennifer Anniston interview recently, where she said Friends the TV series could not be made now. The reason? No one that age sits in a coffee shop and just talks anymore, they’re constantly looking at their devices and using social media..

What I’m watchingThe Good Fight season 3 continues this series’ highly intelligent and humorous drama within an American law firm. What I’m really liking about Season 3 is the focus around politics and fake news. Many people I speak with don’t know or believe there are troll farms and millions of $ being spent on advertising fake truths, Here’s a funny short video I like, on what a Russian troll farm is, made by the Good Fight team.

In an eye opening interview with Eric Schmidt (ex Google CEO), Tim Ferriss manages to highlight so many lessons all of us who work in software companies can benefit from. A key one for me is hiring. This scaling teams lesson with Reid Hoffman (co founder of LinkedIn) is unmissable for anyone building or scaling teams/ companies. I wish more companies would listen and implement the lessons from this class.

In that class, Eric makes a statement that really hits home for me. For a while in the early days, my career trajectory was slower than I expected. I now know it was in part due to others valuing specific experience, rather than my actual offering. Here’s that statement:

“The industry over values experience and under values strategic and intellectual flexibility”- Eric Schmidt.


I hope you have a fantastic weekend doing what you love.

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How Batman and Clint Eastwood stood in for my dad

Up until my early twenties I had very little time with my dad, so I got creative and used stand-in dads. As crazy as that may sound, it’s true. My parents divorced when I was a toddler and I don’t actually remember a time when my father was living under the same roof.

By the time I was 10 my dad had left the UK to live in America and I’d experienced almost no nurturing male in my life. My mum was strong in many ways and I’m thankful for that, but nurturing was not one of her strengths (she’s didn’t receive it from her family so it didn’t come naturally). I was missing out on this part of childhood completely. It’s widely recognised that one of the key foundations for a successful adulthood is the experience of unconditional love from a primary care giver.

As a young boy I didn’t know what I didn’t know, so unconditional love wasn’t something I longed for, what I did long for was my father. I wanted him around to teach me how to talk to girls (I was useless at that), how to protect myself against bullies, how to defend myself in a violent situation, and answer questions on what was happening to my body. Also just to kick a ball around or watch cartoons together.

So I read comics, comics with strong male leads. Characters like Batman, Spider-man and Swamp Thing became my stand in dads. I watched a lot of films, mainly Clint Eastwood, Gregory Peck and Michael J Fox. I couldn’t kick a ball around with any of them and they weren’t nurturing me, yet I was inspired by each of them in different ways. Through movies like For a Few Dollars More and Back to the Future I could see how two very different characters survived in a world of bullying and greed. Through comics like Batman I learned that I could choose my own path and be successful as a loner or part of a team. I was learning as best I could at how to be a male in a male run world (thankfully it’s more equal nowadays, yet there is long journey ahead still).

I got by, I definitely had times when I was sad, during those times I would stay in my bedroom listening to music, immersing myself into books and comics. What I’m grateful for is that the sad times became less frequent as I matured.

As the years went by I kept up with choosing influences to replace my missing dad. Actors like Robert De Nero, Dustin Hoffman and Jack Nicholson where key in my understanding of attraction and emotional intelligence, all through the roles they’d chosen to act out in movies. In real life I gained a fantastic group of friends, I was able to have fun without feeling guilty and I began to realise the world wasn’t out to get me, it was full of opportunity, I just needed to know how to feed off it.

I realise I still use the method of stand in influences across all areas of life, from the 5 people I choose each January to help me on my 12 month journey ahead, to the books I read and podcasts I listen to.

You may have all the positive influences in your life already, though have you searched for gaps? Maybe you can use stand in influences, adding or filling a space that would help you grow?

“Rather like Batman, I embody the themes of the movie which are the values of family, courage and compassion and a sense of right and wrong, good and bad and justice.” – Gary Oldman

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5 Share Friday 19 April 2019

Quote I’m pondering – “Your praise is contagious – So is your complaint. What are you carrying today?” – Steve Furtick

Spotting fake news – Kids are learning how and so should we. This article explains how the News Literacy project is teaching kids how to spot real news and fake news. With large numbers of people getting their news from social media, we are now entering a real crisis, one where people are making decisions and judgements based on trusting without verifying.

New favourite iOS appSnapseed is the most fantastic free photo editor I’ve ever used on my iPhone. If you take photo’s with your phone then this app is a must have.

Free stories – I’ve joined Storybird where I can get free stories (including kids ones). The main reason I’ve joined is to start publishing my own stories to see how they do and get help and advice from others. I’m only writing short children’s stories at the moment, if anyone is interested just reach out to me and I’ll send a link when I post a story up.

LinkedIn Algorithm explained – This article explains how LinkedIn gets posts in users feeds really well. It’s insightful and I’m adding this to my notes on effective usage of the LinkedIn platform. Here’s a handy graphic from the site.


I hope you have a fantastic weekend doing what you love.

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5 Share Friday 12 April 2019

Quote I’m pondering –  Action expresses priorities” Mahatma Gandhi

I now see things differently – According to Gary Vaynerchuk LinkedIn is the next big social network to explode. I’ve had my doubts about LinkedIn, so it’s good to see people like Tim Ferriss and Gary V embrace it more, giving me confidence to invest the time. I’ve since been researching how to effectively engage on the platform. I discovered this infographic which is fantastic, 5 or 10 minutes each day and you’ll be well on your way to more effective LinkedIn engagement!

Favourite purchase this week – I finally subscribed to Blinkist. It’s amazing. If you haven’t seen Blinkist then take a look. Now I can get recommendations on books via summaries on my phone. It’s helping me decide whether to read a specific book or investigate more. If you like reading and gaining knowledge on any type of subject, Blinkist is certainly a great way to do it.

Will Smith shared something today about Effortless Manifestation. You can find it here on Instagram and on YouTube below. Will puts it well when he says opportunity is in abundance, you just gotta see it.

Long form read of the week. One of the smartest people I’ve ever worked with shared this article a week ago. I’ve not been able stop reading it since. It’s a fascinating view of Rupert Murdoch, both informative and worrying at the same time. If you consume any type of media, you might want to spend time reading this (at least a 20 minute read).


I hope you have a fantastic weekend doing what you love.

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