As a new season in the year begins and the leaves on the trees are changing colour, so too is the Microsoft chapter in my life.

Together with video games’ most talented problem solvers and quality professionals, I have been part of building and leading a new chapter in the focus of testing games at Microsoft, one that puts customers (our players) first and recognises quality as player value, not bug count. This change also drives quality to be built in during creation and not tested in as is conventional. The journey has begun and the most difficult part (starting) was accomplished. To all the team members, studios and believers I have served alongside: I will forever be grateful and cherish our experiences together and I thank you from the very bottom of my heart.

Also, while choosing to leave Microsoft was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done (especially as Satya Nadella, Microsofts inspiring CEO is focused on all of the areas I too believe in and am passionate about – from customers first to great leadership principles) the incredible positivity that has come from my team, my friends and my family has been amazing. Many opportunities at Xbox are yet to be seized and with the recent promotion of Phil Spencer to EVP I know the quality and experience of products and services at Xbox will continue to amaze and inspire.

I look forward to sharing more soon, until then, I’ll be taking a (quick) break with my family, spending some time in a yurt with my head down on what’s next, pausing and playing in the countryside with my children and amazing wife Mandie.

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