I’ve used up 2 lives already, so by classic video game standards, I only have 1 left. Thankfully I’ve learned from the 2 I lost.

Two lessons from my twenties will stick with me forever: Don’t buy cheap tyres Learn how to negotiate The moments in which I learned these were tipping points. Tipping points that meant death or life threatening injury as a likely outcome. Back in the early 1990’s I was driving to work early one Saturday morning. […]

The main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing

Last week I received my annual invite to our companies hack week. A week where every engineer in Unity (globally) descends on Denmark. We’re also joined by other disciplines throughout the company too, where we all work together to share and innovate. I say we, though I’ve never taken part. Unity’s hack week takes place […]

Opposites don’t always attract

When I think about communication, I think about 2 preference types. A person who prefers external motivation, and a person who prefers internal motivation. I have an internally motivated preference. I don’t need others to motivate me in order to thrive. If there’s a problem, there’s no need to pepper it with positivity or other […]

Real, not perfect.

In todays world, the feeling of pressure from high expectations can become over bearing. High expectations are all around us. They come in many forms, from media (fashion and body types) to work, partners and parents. These expectations can be difficult to meet and are invariably unclear or subtle at best. At work, for 8 […]