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5 Share Friday 11 January 2019

Quote I’m pondering“In a gentle way, you can shake the world.”Mahatma Gandhi

New breakfast for 2019 – We’ve all heard of smoothies, though have you ever had a smoothie bowl? We were visiting this wonderful little cafe next to a beach on the outskirts of Copenhagen the other day. They intro’d us to a terrifically tasty and nutritious smoothie bowl. Since then we’ve been experimenting with various home made versions. The best of which we’ve found at . If you’re looking for something new for breakfast, or have kids and want to spice things up (outside of toast and cereal), then smoothie bowls are quick, tasty and healthy.

Soundtrack I’m listening tooCloud Atlas isn’t a film I plan to watch again, however its soundtrack (on youtube here) is a beautiful listen and I’m listening to it alot. I’m finding it’s helping me at work, enabling me to better focus in an open space when I need it. If you’re looking for music to increase your productivity & effectiveness, add this to your playlist.

For those interested in workplace predictions for 2019, this post on LinkedIn contains a few interesting points. Number 1. isn’t new, yet it’s still curious to me why companies continue to make this mistake.
“1. Employers will continue to invest a ton of money in recruiting and on-boarding employees, while paying little attention to the talent that’s seeping out the back door.”

What we’re using in our fridge and fruit bowls – these small discs are proving to keep our fruit and veg fresh for longer. They utilise the most natural way possible for keeping it fresh and they really work! We’ve tried many alternatives (including special bags) and nothing has worked better than the Nanology Fruit & Veg savers.

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