5 Share Friday

5 Share Friday 8 Feb 2019

Quote I’m pondering “1 universe, 9 planets, 204 countries, 809 islands, 7 seas, and I had the privilege of meeting you.” – Author unknown.

This quote one really hit me this week. There are so many people I’m grateful to have spent time with, working with and being friends with. It’s incredible when you put this into context. The chance of actually meeting people who’s company you enjoy while they enjoy yours back, is surely not that big? Yet it happens to all of us.

Story that inspired me this weekRepairing buildings and structures with Lego. This is a wonderful use of Lego. With so many Lego bricks around the world available, what better use is there for those that are spare?

(Image credit: Jan Vormann / VG Bild)

Children aren’t ruining the planet, you areThis article amazed me due to the response adults have had regarding children protesting on climate change. Not only does it beg the question of how does a few days off school hurt a lifetime of education? (it doesn’t) Why do many adults assume they know more than their children on any subject? Of course, the main question is – why do we not care enough about the legacy we leave future generations?

Favourite purchaseOdor eaters heavy duty insoles. If you want comfy insoles and fresh smelling shoes then these are what you have been looking for. They’re even washable. I’ve been using them in my shoes for months and after washing this week they still work well. They’re cheap, you can buy them almost anywhere and you’ll have fresh smelling shoes!

Interesting read – Living abroad increases satisfaction in life and reduces stress. According to the research team cited in this article, living abroad not only provides people with a new sense of self, but can also bring greater life satisfaction and decreased stress, improved job performance and even “enhanced clarity about the types of careers that best match an individual’s strengths and values.”

Happy weekend everyone!

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