5 Share Friday – 29 Dec 2017

Christmas is done and the New Year is around the corner. What a year 2018 is going to be (for all of us!). Here are 5 great things from the past 7 days, I hope you enjoy as much as I have.

1. Quote I’ve been pondering this week “Trade your expectation for appreciation and the world changes for you”Tony Robbins

2. My wife made me a couple of bottles of delicious Vegan Irish cream (like Baileys but without cow’s milk). They were delicious and you can make them too (I recommend the coconut milk one as it’s creamier): https://simpleveganblog.com/vegan-baileys/

3. Each year I choose a word of the year, a word that represents the year ahead. My 2017 word was ‘gratitude’ and it defined my outlook, changing my life dramatically. For 2018 I’ve chosen ‘change’. Change is the theme of my life for the next 12 months and I’m excited and looking forward to it. I follow Claire Diaz Ortiz and a few years ago she inspired my word of the year, maybe she can inspire you too?

4. Gratitude was the word for 2017 and I’ve been reading how gratitude changed others too: https://medium.com/@kevinslavelle/how-a-series-of-initiatives-to-train-gratitude-changed-my-life-in-2017-ead1156963ba

5. Our friends in Canada – George and Clare –  gave my wife and I Zen Pencils volume two: Dream the impossible dream. They also gave our children Zen Pencils Inspirational quotes for kids(check it out it’s fabulous). Zen pencils takes your favourite inspirational quotes and poetry, transforming them into heartwarming cartoon stories (comic strip). Tremendous reading!

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