1. Quote I’m pondering this week “Life is beautiful not because of the things we see or do. Life is beautiful because of the people we meet.” – Simon Sinek

2. Video I’m being inspired by: Simon Sinek on love, leadership and the little things. It’s part of a longer interview with him. This 15 minute slice is about understanding great things like love and happiness coming from the little things in life. He talks about how this stuff isn’t measurable and how it builds up over time, through consistency and thinking of others. It’s well worth watching.

3. I travel a fair bit lately and I’ve found the Eagle Creek pack it cubes have improved my packing dramatically. I’ve got cubes for cables and chargers, cubes for underwear and cubes for dirty clothing. I can open my bag and get right to the item/s I want. Amazing! No more cables and chargers tangled up in my bag, no more finding underwear by having to pull out all my other clothes. Check them out, you’ll never go back.

4. While travelling this week, I watched one of my favourite films – Quadrophenia. When younger I would travel to Soho in London now and then to buy my clothes (I liked the fitted MOD look). I could never have imagined later in life I’d be working down the road from the place my favourite MOD shop off Carnaby street used to be. Right now I’m travelling to Brighton during the week and working not far from where some of the scenes of Quadrophenia were filmed. Life really is something, I often wonder if there is a masterplan or not.

Oh, and If you haven’t seen the movie then don’t wait any longer it’s a corker.

5. I recently created an Instagram account. Most of my friends have one so it’s been interesting to see how people are using it. After reading this and the authors follow up I have doubts as to whether I’ll continue having an account. It sounds too far fetched to be true, but is it?

I’m considering deleting my social media existence (except professional network Linkedin) and have found this site that helps you rid the internet of your presence, take a peek if you’re interested too.

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