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5 Share Friday 18 January 2019

Quote I’m pondering “Hardships often prepare ordinary people for an extraordinary destiny.” – C.S. Lewis

Purchase I’m enjoying – The Lowa Lisboa Goretex sneakers in navy. These sneakers look good (though for the fashion vistas out there perhaps not), they feel great and are fully waterproof. Danish weather is like Seattle weather, though in Denmark I don’t own a car and so cycling and walking everywhere means I need warm, waterproof shoes. Shoes that don’t look too sporty for everyday use. These Lowa’s are perfect, they’re a skate type shoe with all the technical benefits of a trail running sneaker.

What I’ve been watching – I recently watched a few Tidying up by Marie Kondo Netflix episodes. I’m a fan of her book and so it’s been interesting to see her turn the Konmari method into reality TV. However, this post on ignoring her advice on books resonated with me. We don’t need to rid ourselves of books 😀 also buying less crap is the right thing to do, a good description of this can be found here.

What I’ve been reading – Nike & Boeing are paying science fiction writers to predict their future. This is mind blowing..The gap between Sci-Fi and Sci-Fact is shrinking dramatically.

Tea I’m drinkingRelax by Pukka. This tea is tasty, ‘relaxing’ and a great hot drink right before bed or at any point in the day to help you wind down. If you haven’t tried Pukka teas then give them a go. Relax is particularly good and available in most countries.

I hope you have an enjoyable weekend!

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