5 Share Friday
It’s here! It’s Friday! It’s time to read about random stuff that will delete the important stuff from your brain.
1. Watch this TED talk to see examples of data rigging and how reports can summarise incorrect outcomes from data. Ben has an awesome book called Bad Science, highly recommended reading!
2. Malcolm Gladwell’s Revisionist history returned with season 2! No one rewires my brain like this guy, he is an incredible writer and thinker. If you don’t do podcasting, I still urge you to take the 35-40 minutes each week to listen to MG’s episodes, you won’t regret it – Think different, learn how with MG.
3. Take supplements? Want to live healthier and longer? I read this book when it was released a few years back and have been experimenting with several aspects since. One of the largest changes I’ve made is reducing my supplements to just a pro biotic a few times a week. The Vitamin industry is $25 billion. Dr. Agus profiles several studies on vitamins that actually have more of a negative affect instead of a positive effect. The data shows that we should NOT take vitamins. This is a great read if you don’t want to look at the book:
4. Heard of Jo Robinson? I hadn’t until a few months back, I got her book and have changed how I buy and store my fresh food. Check it out and get more nutrients from your diet and dump those supplements.
5. Seen these slippers advertised everywhere? Me too! I finally bought a pair and holy sh#t they are the best slipper in the world. If you love your feet you’ll be willing to spend the money, they are lovely.

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