5 Share Friday 15 June 2018

1. Quote I’m pondering this week  “Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.”Mahatma Ghandi

2. On the subject of learning I revisited a TED talk on life long learning. This 18 minute talk is about the passion of life. It’s touching and inspirational (from stories about death camps to a funny moment at a dinner with a debate on whether the 2nd Harry Potter movie was better than the first). With insatiable curiosity we experience the true quiddity of life, a life of continuous learning, passion and experience, this TED talk reminds us of this nicely.

3. Most used app – Citymapper: Learning the quickest route to somewhere, most effective mode of transport or simply the nicest way of walking to a destination has been made simple for me with Citymapper. It covers most of the world, and as we don’t yet have a bike or car in Denmark this app has been a godsend!

4. Best read on the internet: You’ll be happier at work if your job meets these two psychological needs. A fascinating read where no matter what type of work you do it holds true. It’s also a great reminder in understanding what we need as humans, especially if you support others directly.

5. Choosing vegan – It’s been 18 months since our family choice to choose vegan most of the time. Prior to this we were flexitarians (sometimes vegetarian). We’re all feeling better for having plant based foods as our primary diet and for me it’s been a life changer (more energy, alertness and general wellbeing). The by product of eating less meat and no dairy is saving the planet…don’t believe me? This recent news article tells you why.

Hope you have a terrific weekend!